Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Soft Place to Land

I will never use regular bar soap again.

I'm not a shower-product addict. Yes, I worked at Bath & Body Works for a while but I have to admit that I greatly under-utilized my employee discount (which also applied at Victoria's Secret, damnit). I just never really saw the point in the fancy sponges and flowery smelling gels that seemed to wear off once I toweled off. They were pointless. They were too expensive. They take up too much damn room in my shower -- seriously, do these company think normal people have frickin' bookcases in the showers? Come on.

So I used Lever 2000, Coast, Irish Spring, whatever happens to be lying around when I discover that we're out of soap -- which usually happens when I'm already in the shower and rinsing shampoo out of my hair. It got me clean and that was all I cared about, until I tried Skin So Soft by Avon.

I will never use regular bar soap again. My skin has never been so soft, so utterly touchable and smooth. People have always told me I have really soft skin, but I had no idea that it could get even better. Avon, I am yours.

I have to wonder though, what else have I been missing out on? I'm a cuddly person by nature, always hugging (or tackling, in Amber's case, since I only see her once every few months) my friends and snuggling with furry animals. I'm like one big pillow: everything about me is soft, and small children love to fall asleep on me. I love that...I love being a soft place to land.

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