Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The times, they are a-changin'

Hello 2010, good-bye 2009. I have to say that the end of 2009 was a lot better than the beginning and I'm very grateful for the new people that came into my life during the last few months of the decade. Friends gained, friends lost. It's already twelve days into the new year and I'm so excited to see where things are going to go both personally and professionally.

Now, here's a recap.

On Wednesday (1/6/10) someone jumped the counter at work while I was away from the desk and stole my purse. My manager's desk drawers had also been opened but nothing was taken from there. Thankfully I didn't have a lot of cash in my purse but whoever it was did get the only key to my car so I've been relying on other people for rides to and from wherever I need to go since then. Here's hoping the company will pay for it but I'm not holding my breath on it, judging from their past actions.

I have a new boyfriend =) And that's about all I can say on that 'cause he doesn't want it getting out that he's actually a nice guy. He has a reputation to uphold and all that, y'know.

Work is driving me nuts but hopefully *fingers crossed* I won't have to put up with it for much longer. Again, that's all I can say about that at this point mostly because I don't want to jinx anything. Things are definitely getting exciting though so we'll see how it goes in the next couple of weeks.

More on life to come later but for now I have to prepare myself for the aforementioned crazy-inducing work.

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